20k Leveling Guide Review

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Written by a well-respected and passionate WoW gamer, the 20k Leveling Guide is an incredibly unique and satisfying experience for old and new players alike. The guide is updated constantly to reflect changes in the economy and patches–something that is, sadly, extremely rare to find.

Before I get into the meat of the guide, I’d like to let you know what really makes 20k Leveling different from everything else.

Unlike most authors, Markco is PROUD of his ability to generate gold and give back to the community.

It’s not a marketing charade like many other authors (I’m beginning to question if some of them have even played the game. Ever.), Markco is a dedicated player who pours all of his passion into figuring out the most innovative and effective strategies to help players stop struggling with making gold.

Okay, okay, so the author is a pretty legit player, but what about the guide?

20K Leveling is pretty much an all-in-one gold course that covers everything from farming locations to analyzing economic trends for the Auction House. Although a lot of the strategies covered are pretty advanced, the guide is designed to be applicable at any level of experience.

My favorite part of the guide is the fact that it is updated religiously. Because Markco spends a lot of time actually playing the game, the guide is constantly being added to.

You will never find another Auction House guide that teaches you how to control a market.

The 20k Leveling Guide can teach you how to go from basic gold making strategies to a gold making beast. I learned how to pick market niches that I could easily manipulate for better profits.

If you have a friend (or a second account), you’ll also really appreciate the Cross Faction Arbitrage part of the guide. A lot of players already know about trading faction pets for profit, but this guide blows any conception you may have of cross faction trading out of the water.

The grand finale and your final step in the 20k Leveling Guide journey is the Hard Mode guide, which I have used the most. This is basically an elaborate guide to making your first million that is idiot-proof. You can’t mess it up because, at this point, you’ve learned all the underlying strategies you need to rock the Auction House like no one else can.

This part of the guide has some amazing tips on professions that I haven’t even seen anywhere else. You will learn a perfected daily routine alongside all of the supplies you will need in order to make a huge profit. If you think you have your profession routine perfected, think again! I thought I was managing my professions pretty well, but I never would’ve guessed that I could make this much gold on professions alone. This is great for the occasional lazy streak when you don’t feel like dealing with the Auction House every day.

Although the guide does contain a wonderful farming section dedicated to showing you the most profitable mining and herb routes (among other things), I doubt many players will want to use it after all the other wonderful material that is taught. This includes all of the new Cataclysm farming locations!

Markco’s 20k Leveling Guide brings a different sort of experience that can only be described as “fun”, and I think that is a great thing.

Making gold should never be a chore!

If you find yourself stressing out about your strategies, you just aren’t doing it right. Thanks to Markco’s guide, I’ve gained some invaluable insight into how to farm gold efficiently without feeling like I’m in a Chinese sweatshop. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an old pro looking for some new tricks, I recommend trying this guide wholeheartedly.

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Justin December 12, 2010 at 2:45 am

I have been using markco’s guide for over a year. The guide is great buy I like the fact that all the updates are free more than anything. I basically got an awesome guide to wotlk and now I have what looks like an already better cataclysm one. This review is spot on but I wanted to put extra emphasis on the free updates.


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